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Program Metrics

Metrics on Sloan Students

Cohort sizes


31 2021
27 2022
40 2023


Residential MHA Class Graduating In:202020212022202320242025
Applications Received102127108156135119
Matriculated Students333127402435


Class Composition

Class CompositionStudent Body ’22 & ’2320242025
Persons of Color54%60%67%
Underrepresented minorities34%35%33%


Graduation Rates

Residential MHA Class Graduating In:2020202120222023
Students who completed the program33312538
Students Not Graduating002
Accepted a job,
matriculated in medical school
Accepted a job, became a Fulbright Scholar
Job placement before graduation
or within 90 days after graduation


Job Placement

Healthcare Sector2017-202120222023
Health System Administrative Fellowships28%25%33%
Health System Full-Time12%0%6%
Healthcare Consulting31%21%36%
Medical Group Practice or
Ambulatory Surgery Administration
Other Healthcare Sectors*18%33%22%

*Other Healthcare Sectors include: Pharmaceutical, Payers, ACOs, Doctoral Degree/Medical School, Policy, Biotech, Long Term Care, and Start-ups. In 2020 when the Covid pandemic occurred and over 60% of Hospital Administrative Fellowships were cancelled in the US, the Sloan Program rallied its graduates to “Cast a Wide Net” and look beyond the usual placement patterns. The result has been that the Class of 22 placed in 10 different sectors of healthcare.


Regardless of the sector, Residential Sloan Graduates are finding opportunities for rapid career advancement.

Class of 2020 at GraduationClass of 2020 at March 2023
CAHME defined positions:
Senior Staff4%18%
Specialist/Support including Fellows and Associate Consultants92%25%


Internship Placements of 2023

We’re at 100% placement in summer internships!

  • Baker Tilly
  • Citi
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Continual Care Solutions
  • Cornell Health
  • IHH Singapore
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Mayo Clinic
  • MedExplain
  • Millard Fillmore Hospital
  • Mount Sinai Cardiology
  • New York Presbyterian
  • UCLA Health
  • Veralon
  • Zinnia Health