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Costs and Aid

Degree Costs

Using 2023-2024 rates, the estimated tuition costs for each of our degree programs are estimated below.

Full Tuition

  • Standard 2-year MHA: $85,376
  • 3-year MHA/MPA: $128,064
  • BS/MHA for Cornell University undergraduate students (fifth year graduate tuition): $42,688

Additional costs include books and supplies, housing, meals, and health insurance. Some useful links are included below:

Sloan Fellowships and Scholarships:

Scholarships and fellowships are awarded on a merit and leadership basis to build vibrant, engaged, and experientially diverse class cohorts.

Sloan Fellowships:

The Sloan Fellowship is a two-year half-tuition fellowship award for up to four full-time Sloan MHA students to recognize and reward demonstrated leadership and work in the field of healthcare administration and management and to attract the highest caliber MHA talent to Sloan. Sloan Fellows serve as peer leaders by developing and leading an extracurricular or co-curricular leadership, learning, or service project to benefit their classmates, engage the local community, advance the field of healthcare management, and/or contribute to health equity and social justice.

Sloan Leadership Fellowships:

The Sloan Leadership Fellowship is a two-year quarter-tuition award for up to six full-time Sloan MHA students to recognize and reward outstanding potential in the field of healthcare management. Sloan Leadership Fellows continue to develop their leadership skills by serving others as described above.

Sloan Scholarships:

Thanks to the generosity of our family of alumni, Sloan is able to award merit based tuition scholarships to build a diverse, thriving, cohort of students.

Industry Scholarships:

Sloan students are also eligible to apply for a number of industry scholarships including those offered by the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA), the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), the National Association of Health Services Executives (NAHSE), and the Institute for Diversity in Health Management, to name a few.

Student Teaching and Research:

In any given semester, roughly four to fifteen students are employed as course graders providing grading and student support services to Brooks School undergraduate and graduate courses. Generally, but not always, these teaching support positions are awarded to second-year Sloan students who performed strongly in relevant courses during their first year of study. Payment is hourly (approximately $20/hour for 10 hours/week over the course of the assigned semester) and does not include a tuition stipend or health insurance.

Sloan has one designated “stipended” teaching assistantship to award annually. This assistantship is split between Sloan’s first-semester accounting and regression analysis courses. This position includes salary, tuition, and health insurance for the designated semester in exchange for 20 hours a week of course assistance to first-year Sloan students.

Opportunities exist for students to be invited by faculty to participate in research. Research assistant positions may pay hourly (depending on faculty research grants) or offered for course credit (independent research). Students should feel free to reach out to Sloan faculty to inquire about leveraging preexisting research and analysis skills to support faculty research projects.

Other Sloan Employment:

Sloan students are often hired by the program to leverage their organizational, marketing, leadership, and analysis skills to support program implementation efforts including: building program databases, designing program marketing and promotional materials, supporting program social media campaigns, etc.

Financial Aid:

The Cornell University Office of Financial Aid processes Graduate Student loans. This page provides information about applying for federal and private loans, applying for additional loan dollars (budget increase), and information about signing promissory notes and entrance counseling.