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Areas of Policy Focus

The biggest issues we face as a society demand agile thinking from a diverse range of experts and viewpoints. They require us to pull disciplines together, to collaborate and innovate, and to understand how the policy process works in the real world. The Brooks School is positioned as a source of solutions in these areas of policy focus.

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Data Science And Technology Policy

Exponential growth in our ability to generate and analyze data and in the production of emerging technologies has provided critical insights for national and global security, economic development, health care innovation, infrastructure resilience, communication, and the connections between people and their governments. As new technologies rapidly emerge, we guide policymakers and educate students in the development and evaluation of public policies at the intersection of technology and society.


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Environmental And Sustainability Policy

There are profound environmental threats facing our society in the U.S. and globally, including global warming, biodiversity loss, pollution, deforestation, sea level rise, and food and water insecurity. We guide policymakers and educate students in developing public policy and regulatory approaches to advance solutions to environmental challenges.


Economist, EPA adviser to join Brooks School, Atkinson

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Health Policy

A formidable range of forces affect the health and well-being of populations in the U.S. and globally. Pressing challenges include access to and quality of care, health equity, the social determinants of health, and affordability. We guide policymakers and educate students in developing innovative solutions to global health challenges related to health care, nutrition, addiction, psychological distress, and violence.


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Human Security

The world’s most pressing security problems – from pandemic response to climate-related migration, poverty alleviation, nuclear proliferation, cybersecurity, and political unrest require global perspectives and solutions. We guide policymakers and educate students in understanding and developing approaches to address the interconnected issues related to human security and diplomacy.


Peace Games underscore options to war

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Politics And Economics Of Development

Politics, economics, and the interaction between the two are key to understanding development prospects around the world, including resource allocation, economic wellbeing, equitable infrastructure, food and nutritional security, and environmental sustainability. We guide policymakers and educate students as they develop data-driven solutions to direct resource allocation and improve people’s lives around the globe.


Brooks School launches center to combat democratic decline

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Race Racism And Public Policy

Enduring systemic racism has profound and continued repercussions for social, economic, and political life in the U.S. and globally. It is critical to explore the role of public policy in producing, perpetuating, and addressing racism and related forms of injustice – both past and present. We guide policymakers and educate students to develop the knowledge and skills to create more just and equitable policies and public institutions.


Racial equity messaging must be more inclusive

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Social Policy And Inequality

Rising income and wealth inequality erode trust in public institutions, create barriers to economic and social mobility, and undermine democratic governance. Social policy can address inequality through a range of vital systems, including child and family welfare, immigration, education, housing, employment, and legal institutions. We guide policymakers and educate students as they develop new approaches to strengthen the social safety net and combat economic inequality.


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