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“Undocumented migrants tend to cluster not only in unstable jobs, with fewer opportunities for growth, but also in kinds of jobs that are physically demanding that put them in harm’s way,” said Matthew Hall @fertmortmig on @NPR.

Matt Hall is a demographer whose research focuses on immigration, racial/ethnic inequality, population change, and demographic methods.

He is a prof. of public policy and sociology and serves as director for the Cornell Population Center @PopulationCU.

Congratulations to Andreas Psahos '24, a Brooks School graduate and one of the 42 Merrill Scholars recognized for their outstanding achievements.

Psahos recognized Prof. Sharon Sassler as one of his mentors at the Merrill Scholar ceremony.

🎓 Commencement Weekend Is Here 🎓

Watch the Brooks School Graduation Ceremony (1:00-3:00pm EDT) here:

Happy Commencement Weekend, Changemakers!


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