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Areas of Study


Students meet outside with Professor Rosemary Avery

Public Policy

Learn how to develop, implement, and evaluate policy solutions for the problems facing society. Public Policy is a multidisciplinary social science-based major. You will study law, economics, sociology, political science, history and more. You will be ready to make a difference in your community, the nation, and the world. 


Students meet with Professor Carmalt in brightly lit atrium

Health Care Policy

Learn about the policy issues affecting health and health care in the U.S. and globally. Health Care Policy (HCP) draws on multiple disciplines to prepare you to analyze and improve policies that influence public health and health care delivery systems. You will be ready to improve health and wellbeing in your community, the nation, and around the globe.



As a Brooks School student you have the flexibility to enhance your major by choosing one or more of Cornell’s 120 different minor options across campus.

Students across campus can explore the Brooks School curriculum through our three public policy minors: Policy Analysis and Management, Health Care Policy, and Demography.

MINORS Offered Through the Brooks School

Brooks School Undergraduate Learning Outcomes

  • Interpret and explain the theory and use of tools applicable to the development and evaluation of policies
  • Develop the skills required for effective delivery of evidence used for policy formation and evaluation, including written, spoken, and visual presentation
  • Work with others toward the goal of serving the public interest
  • Foster an inclusive learning environment in which diverse approaches and points of view can help guide government actions
  • Evaluate and scrutinize data to inform policy evaluation