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Student Awards

The John Siliciano Student Leadership Award

Siliciano and four graduates on the steps Bailey Hall
Inaugural John Siliciano Student Leadership Award recipients with John Siliciano. (L-R) Jefferson Akers, MHA ’22, Craig Schulman, PAM ’22, John Siliciano, Toyosi Ayanwola, HCP ’22, Andrew Siyan Wen, MPA ’22


The John Siliciano Student Leadership Award recognizes graduating Brooks School students who display leadership through academic achievement, public engagement, and distinguished service to the University.


Man smiling at camera wearing a black jacket in front of a gray backgroundJohn Siliciano is a Professor of Law. He recently completed his service as Cornell’s Deputy Provost. In that role, he was responsible for a broad range of academic and operational matters. These include assisting the Provost with dean searches, tenure and promotion reviews, department chair training and support, faculty policy oversight, academic human resource issues and special projects and initiatives.  Importantly, in his role as Deputy Provost, through years of dedicated leadership, Siliciano was instrumental in the creation of the Jeb. E. Brooks School of Public Policy.

Siliciano joined the Cornell Law School’s faculty in 1984 and is a national authority on torts and products liability. He served as Associate Dean of the Law School from 1997-2000, Vice Dean from 2000-2003 and Interim Dean in 2004, before becoming Vice Provost in 2005. He was promoted to Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs in 2009 and was appointed Deputy Provost in 2016.

Siliciano graduated summa cum laude in history at Cornell in 1975, and earned both an M.P.A. at Princeton and a J.D. at Columbia University in 1979. He was editor-in-chief of the Columbia Law Review and went on to clerk for Chief Judge Wilfred Feinberg of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and for Justice Thurgood Marshall on the U.S. Supreme Court, before returning to Cornell.

Below are the past student award recipients:


2024 Recipients

  • Nikita Zachariah, HCP ’24 
  • Riya Patel, PAM ’24
  • Lyla Saxena, MHA ’24
  • Mollie Montague, MPA ’24
  • Megan Hyland, PHD ’24

2023 Recipients

  • Komala Anupindi, HCP ’23
  • Ama Boham, PAM ’23
  • James Bond, MPA ’23
  • Melissa Lopez, MHA ’23

  • Tatiana Padilla, PHD ’22

2022 Recipients

  • Jefferson Akers, MHA ’22
  • Toyosi Ayanwola, HCP ’22
  • Craig Schulman, PAM ’22
  • Andrew Siyan Wen, MPA ’22