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Cornell Undergraduates

Complementary Cornell Undergrad-to-MPA Program

The MPA Program currently has agreements in place with undergraduate and graduate programs at Cornell, which allow students to apply up to 12 credits of applicable coursework (5000-level and above) from one program to the other. Pursuing this option can reduce the time toward degree completion by approximately one semester.

At this time, undergraduate programs that currently have agreements in place include:

  • Public Policy Majors
  • Policy Analysis and Management Majors
  • Industrial and Labor Relations Majors
  • Sociology Majors

If you are interested in pursuing this accelerated opportunity, please contact the MPA Program Office at to schedule an appointment with the Brooks School Office of Admissions, Student Services and Career Management to review your transcripts and discuss a possible course of study with the MPA Program. This discussion would best occur in your sophomore or junior year to work out congruence between undergraduate and graduate studies. The MPA Program can suggest graduate-level courses that may be used for the Undergrad-to-MPA Program, including suitable Public Administration (PADM) coursework.

Our admission team looks for students with a commitment to public service who have experience in a leadership capacity. To prepare yourself for admission to the MPA Program, consider pursuing internship opportunities and student leadership roles that allow you to build this experience.