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Shannon Gleeson


Shannon Gleeson is a professor at the Brooks School and Chair of Labor Relations, Law, & History at the Cornell ILR School.  Her 2016 book Precarious Claims examines the challenges low-wage workers face when they pursue their rights.

She is also engaged in various collaborative projects that examine immigrant workers. Her previous co-authored research examines the local implementation of the 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and the challenges of coalition building and local governance. Her forthcoming book, Scaling Migrant Worker Rights, examines how organizations put tactical pressure on government bureaucracies to defend migrant rights across borders in Mexico and the United States.  Her current book in progress looks at the roots of racial injustice in labor relations and immigration policy through the lens of low-wage workers in the New York City metro region.   

She earned her PhD in Sociology and Demography from the University of California, Berkeley.


About Shannon Gleeson