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James Patton Rogers

Cornell Brooks School Tech Policy Institute
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James Patton Rogers is an expert on drone warfare, disruptive and emerging technologies, and the history of weaponry and war. He is currently the NATO Country Director of the Full Spectrum Drone Warfare project supported by NATO SPS and he provides overall strategic and operational leadership of the Cornell Brooks School Tech Policy Institute.  An experienced policy adviser, James has addressed the United Nations Security Council and currently works with the UNOCT, UNCTC, and the UK Parliament as an expert adviser.

Patton Rogers prioritizes policy impact and public dissemination from his academic research. He regularly writes  for the Washington Post and the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, and he hosts the Warfare podcast with over 550,000 monthly listens in 180+ countries.

His research has been featured by press avenues such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Economist, CNN, Reuters, Rolling Stone Magazine, ABC News, NPR, Forbes, China Daily, and the BBC (amongst others).

His new book ‘Precision: A History of American Warfare’ tracks the evolutions of American strategy and weaponry, with a focus on precision missiles and drones, from the First World War through to today.

About James Patton Rogers