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Douglas Kriner

Clinton Rossiter Professor in American Institutions; Faculty Director, Institute of Politics and Global Affairs
Doug Kriner

Douglas Kriner’s research and teaching interests focus on American political institutions and the separation of powers, as well as on US foreign policy and science and health policy. In addition to his affiliation with Brooks, he is the Clinton Rossiter Professor in American Institutions in the Department of Government. 

Professor Kriner is the author or co-author of five books, including most recently The Myth of the Imperial Presidency: How Public Opinion Checks the Unilateral Executive.  Other books include Investigating the President: Congressional Checks on Presidential Power and The Particularistic President: Executive Branch Politics and Political Inequality. He has received the D.B. Hardeman Prize and the Richard F. Fenno Jr. Award for the best book on Congress and the Richard E. Neustadt award for the best book on the presidency.

Professor Kriner’s research has appeared in journals including the American Political Science Review, American Journal of Political Science, and Journal of Politics, and his research on science and health policy has appeared in The New England Journal of Medicine, Science Advances, and Energy Policy, among other outlets. 

Professor Kriner received undergraduate degrees from MIT and a PhD from Harvard.


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