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Courageous Conversations Inspire

Kelly is an award-winning Navy career helicopter pilot, executive and team coach, and influential keynote speaker. In 2007, on an overcast night with zero illumination from the moon, Commander Kelly Harrison found herself flying while experiencing what most helicopter pilots will tell you is the worst possible emergency they could imagine. She almost resigned after the experience, but she’s so glad she remained on active duty due to the amazing opportunities she was afforded in many complex leadership positions in the Navy and later in the private sector. 

During her nearly 22 years as a helicopter pilot, she learned how to provide just enough structure and clear boundaries to enable a team to be confident in their decisions. Kelly led the largest helicopter squadron on the East Coast and was responsible for nearly 400 Sailors operating 13 helicopters simultaneously on or near three different continents. Following her service, she joined a technology startup and learned just how valuable her experience leading teams in the Navy was “on the outside.” She left the startup and decided to pursue her executive coaching certification to expand the opportunities and avenues to help her coaching clients realize their true potential and gain confidence in what they bring to the table (which is always a great deal of value!) 

Kelly has a Master of Business Administration from the Kelley School (Indiana University), a Master of Science in National Resource Strategy and Policy from National University’s Eisenhower School, and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame. She currently serves as a volunteer official on the board at Navy Federal Credit Union. Kelly enjoys volunteering to lead campouts for her daughter’s Brownie Troop (Girl Scouts of America) and spending time with her family.

Start Date: March 19, 2024
Start Time: 5:00 pm
Location: Biotechnology Building