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The field of demography is multidisciplinary in focus and practice, drawing on a wide range of social science perspectives. Training at CPC is similarly multidisciplinary and provides students with opportunities to develop fundamental demographic insights and methodological tools, as well as to engage with arguments from a range of perspectives.

Why Study Demography?

  • New insights: Population dynamics are fundamental to social, economic, political, and environmental change, and an understanding of demographic processes is critical to answering some of our most pressing questions.
  • Cutting-edge research: Demographers rely on a broad set of tools for analyzing demographic data, and weekly seminars provide exposure to new developments in data and methods from prominent scholars across the U.S. and abroad.
  • Broader community: CPC offers many opportunities to connect students with researchers (students and faculty) in other disciplines using high-quality empirical techniques to answer population-related research questions.
  • Additional funding: CPC regularly provides funding for student travel to professional population conferences (e.g., PAA). CPC research is also supported by major grants, and faculty are often looking for GRAs with demographic skills during the academic year and summer months.