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Working Groups

The Cornell Population Center supports a variety of working groups for postdocs, graduate students and faculty interested in different aspects of population research. Read more about each group below:


MigLab Working Group

The MigLab is an interdisciplinary working group for researchers, including students, postdocs, visiting scholars, and faculty, who are interested in the social scientific study of migration. It is co-sponsored by the Cornell Population Center and the Brooks School for Public Policy. Faculty organizers are Matt Hall and Shannon Gleeson, and coordinated by graduate students Hao Liang and Ashwin Kumar this term.

SpacePop Working Group

SpacePop is a graduate training workshop intended to support students doing work related to the spatial distribution of populations, resources, and experiences meeting on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month from 2-3pm. It is sponsored by the Cornell Population Center, and coordinated by Peter Rich and Erin York Cornwell this term.

Postdoctoral Social Science Working Group

The Postdoctoral Social Science Working Group is cosponsored by the Cornell Population Center, the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research,  Cornell Center for Social Sciences, and Center for the Study of Inequality. This group fosters the development of work in progress and research collaborations through monthly lunch meetings.Elizabeth Martin and John Niederbuhl are coordinating this term. For more information, please click HERE.