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Meet the Founder

Rick Geddes, Academic Director and Founder of CPIP

Rick Geddes is a Professor in Cornell’s Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy and a Professor of Economics at Cornell. He is Founding Director of the Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy, or CPIP. Rick is a member of the graduate fields of Systems Engineering, Regional Science, and Economics. He is concurrently a Non-Resident Senior Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC.
Rick has published over fifty peer-reviewed journal articles on a wide variety of tropics. His research centers on the funding, financing and delivery of major infrastructure projects, road pricing, and utility regulation, among other topics. His publications have appeared in numerous academic journals including Nature, the American Economic Review, Journal of Regulatory Economics, Journal of Legal Studies, Journal of Law & Economics, and Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, among many others. He is author of the 2011 AEI book entitled, The Road to Renewal: Private Investment in U.S. Transportation Infrastructure. Rick holds MA and Ph.D. degrees in economics from the University of Chicago, and a BS in economics and finance from Towson State University.

Geddes List of Representative Publications

Infrastructure and Public-Private Partnerships:

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Postal Economics

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Women’s Property Rights

  • Rick Geddes, Dean Lueck, and Sharon Tennyson, Human Capital Accumulation and the Expansion of Women’s Property Rights, Journal of Law and Economics, Vol. 55, No 4 (2012): 839 – 867. 7.
  • Rick Geddes and Dean Lueck, The Gains from Self-Ownership and the Expansion of Women’s RightsAmerican Economic Review, Vol. 92, No. 4 (September 2002): 1079-92.

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Regulatory Economics and Corporate Governance:

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