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New Frontier Grant for Innovative Research (2021)

Awarded $150,000 to develop natural language models that facilitate political discourse.

How2Green (2021)

Awarded $50,000 to develop a behavioral science-driven application to encourage and track climate-friendly behavior.

Atkinson (2022)

Awarded $160,000, as part of a team of Cornell University researchers, to study the impacts of living materials on air quality.

CCSS Grant Program for Cornell Faculty Members (2022)

Faculty Fellow Ricky Clark was awarded a $12,000 grant from the CCSS to study how publics and elites in recipient countries view aid conditionality?

National Science Foundation (2022)

Part of two multi-million dollar NSF grant applications designed to provide policy, regulatory, and science insights into emerging technologies.

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Incorporated (2023)

Awarded $70,000 from GA-ASI to study public opinion for the global trade of drones

Planetary Defense Scholarship (2023)

Awarded $6,000 from the International Academy of Astronautics to study public opinion on planetary defense.

Jain Family Institute (2023-2024)

Awarded a grant to advance research and policy recommendations on digital ethics, including funding for a post-doc researcher.