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Building policy for a new age of technological transformation

To fully realize the potential of Artificial Intelligence and 4IR technologies, it is necessary to create robust policies that drive innovation and ensure secure societies. From the White House to the Pentagon, the United Nations to NATO our multidisciplinary team of expert researchers work with policy makers and industry leaders to navigate emerging technological opportunities, and devise meaningful solutions to our common challenges in technology policy.

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The Tech Policy Institute informs and shapes policy at the intersection of emerging technologies and politics, in both domestic and global context.

The Tech Policy Institute during a team-building event in 2022

Who we are, what we do

We are a diverse team of students, practitioners, and experts that bridge multiple departments across Cornell University to advance education and research on technology development and policy formulation. As thought leaders, we are dedicated to understanding the complicated relationship between emerging technologies and national security and global competition, including the ethical, social, political, and economic implications.

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The Tech Policy Institute studies the relationship between emerging technologies and policy using innovative research, unique student experiences, and a cutting-edge curriculum, with the intent to promote responsible use that can provide for national and global security.